Knees to the earth

Beautiful Jesus, how may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are.

Knees to the earth
Beautiful Jesus How may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are. Beautiful Jesus You are my only worth. So let me embrace You always as I walk this earth. - Watermark
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  • Are you STILL nursing that baby - with all those teeth?

  • yes! LOL! Down to once a day - should be finished by May.
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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006
    I'm back....

    I have been sick (if you know anything about shingles hopefully you will sympathize.)

    The Cause of Shingles
    (Article from Epigee Women's Health)

    Shingles is caused by the same chickenpox virus that many of us suffered from as children. This virus, known as "varicella-zoster," can lie dormant in your system for many years after initial exposure. This means that, even after your chickenpox disappears, the varicella-zoster virus remains in your body, traveling deep beneath your skin and along your nerve fibers.. This virus can then reactivate later on (usually years after you have had the chickenpox), and begins to travel back along your nerve fibers until it reaches the surface of your skin. This is what causes the characteristic shingles rash. Sometimes known as St. Anthony's Fire because of its fiery nerve and muscle pain, shingles can reoccur many times in some individuals.

    (The rest of this article can be found here)
    I had the chicken pox rash on my lower back and across my right hip, Oww! That was not conducive to sitting and blogging, or much of anything. Now that is clearing up, but I am still having some weird nerve pains along the right side of my body. From the top of my right shoulder to the bottom of my feet will feel like I am being stuck with pins and needles or just sharp sporadic electric shock like feelings will hit me on that side. In an weird kind of coincidence, my baby sister in Florida called last week and she was just diagnosed with the same thing, and her rash was in the same area only instead of across her hip it went up her back. Her case has been much worse than mine. If you know Candi, you know she always seems to get the worst case of anything. She is the one that thinks she has the flu, but ends up hospitalized with e-coli poisoning, or her colds seem to always turn to pneumonia.

    For some reason, no matter what it is, she seems to get the rough end of it .
    (I Love ya, Candice!! I hope you are feeling better!!)

    Well, now that you all have had an update on me - the 3 posts (yes I did 3 posts today!!) below are the updates you all more than likely came to see:

    posted by Crystal @ 3:30 PM   Read 3 comments / Post comments
    Big sister A updates:

    She is officially taller than me! Nothing more to say. :( I knew it would happen one day, just not this day. I may have to look her in the nose when I tell her to go to bed, but I still get to tuck her in!!

    posted by Crystal @ 3:29 PM   Read 0 comments / Post comments
    Big brother "J" updates:

    His football season has really kicked into gear the past 2 weeks. He was so excited to finally be in pads. His exact words to me a few weeks ago were: "I can't wait till we get in pads, I really want to hit somebody! " (Words that make a mom shudder.) True to his words, he has come out hitting hard so far. In their first pre-season game he was named Defensive MVP (by the opposing team!) and was given a trophy.

    The season (only 2 weeks old) has already been a tough one for the team, they have lost 2 of their players to injuries. One boy went out the first game in an ambulance with a neck sprain, then last week another boy on the team went out in an ambulance with a dislocated elbow and broken arm! And they have only played pre season games. The regular season games start this weekend. Loose teeth make me woozy and I am blessed with the boy that loves to play football and roller hockey. Not only does he love the sports, but he seems to have some talent in them both. I wouldn't trade him for any other. So while my head may be bowed in prayer during his games it is probably also bowed because I don't want to look.

    J in action

    (Don't worry those big boys are on his team!)

    My big tough boy still likes me to "tuck" him in at night.
    (We call this the "mummy tuck")
    posted by Crystal @ 3:28 PM   Read 0 comments / Post comments
    Little Lady K Updates:
    She has had so many firsts the past couple of weeks. I am not sure I can remember what they all are.

    Here are a few:
    She now sings! It is incredibly funny. She likes the song Mr. Sun (she does the hand movements and everything!) and she sings it to herself in bed when she is going to sleep. She is not saying the real words, but you can tell by her tune what she is trying to sing.

    She has mastered the movements to Itsy Bitsy Spider and can even say - "sitsy bissy". She has learned how to kick a ball and loves to kick anything round she can find in the floor.

    She has learned to climb - and the other morning when I was standing on the coffee table (I know - good example, Mom) changing a light bulb in the ceiling fan, I looked down find her up on the table with me.

    She has been earning major cute points lately when she gives me at least 20 kisses through the slats of her crib at night when I put her to bed. Then she wakes me at 2:00 A.M. (her crib is in our room by my side of the bed) and I find her with her lips puckered and her head pressed against the bars of the crib waiting for me to roll over and give her a kiss. Since it is usually 2 or 3 in the morning when she does this, those cute points really work in her favor!!

    That's all I can think of right now, so I hope you enjoy the pictures - which my sister Melanie reminds me, is why people visit my blog in the first place.

    Looking serious (actually sleepy) on the couch with Daddy

    Resting on Daddy

    Hangin' in big sister's room

    Enough pictures, Mom!
    posted by Crystal @ 3:27 PM   Read 0 comments / Post comments
    Tuesday, August 08, 2006
    This is what happens

    after dinner when your belly is full, and you sit to watch Barney with your big sister. Posted by Picasa
    posted by Crystal @ 1:56 PM   Read 7 comments / Post comments
    Monday, August 07, 2006
    Saying good bye
    To the Van Essens..........Well our care group is in the process of becoming smaller - On this past Wednesday evening we had a picnic to say goodbye to the Van Essens. As sad as I am to see them leave, I'm even more excited to see the wonderful things God has in store for them. It has been such a beautiful thing to watch them patiently wait on God in this move and see them humbly submit during Dave's job search. I'm so glad that Des decided to keep a blog before she left so I have a perfect way to peek in on her and her family as they grace the great state of Texas.

    It seems like it was just yesterday:(Me, Desiree, Patti)

    This was taken 6 days before I had 'K' at a combined baby shower our care group had. Can you believe we have had 4 new babies born into our care group in the past year since this was taken. As if the children didn't out number the adults already. :)

    At the picnic Wednesday:
    (That's Desiree's little Abigail in the background in Mrs. Pat's arms)

    Desiree posted more pictures from the picnic on her blog, before they left.

    This Friday our care group will shrink just a little bit more when we will be saying goodbye to the Hodgsons.
    posted by Crystal @ 5:59 PM   Read 3 comments / Post comments
    I know it's August, but
    I'm posting our pictures from the 4th of July!

    I knew I was going to be late posting these, but didn't expect I'd be this late. The few times I have attempted to post these pictures, blogger was not cooperating. Although it is no longer even July - here are the pictures from the 4th of July. (At least I got them up before Christmas, Mom) :)

    For the 4th of July we went to visit my 94 year old grandmother and watch the fireworks display from her yard. She has an optimal view from her front porch of the big show her county puts on. She had purchased some new dresses with hats (grandma loves her hats!) for 'K' and wanted a mini-fashion show. Unfortunately for us and the pictures, 'K' wasn't not quite as enthusiastic about the show as we were. We still think she looked cute in her dresses and hats.

    (She doesn't look too happy with the hat, Daddy)

    (Using my camera's "fireworks" setting -didn't realize it had one until then)

    posted by Crystal @ 1:44 PM   Read 0 comments / Post comments

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