Knees to the earth

Beautiful Jesus, how may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are.

Knees to the earth
Beautiful Jesus How may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are. Beautiful Jesus You are my only worth. So let me embrace You always as I walk this earth. - Watermark
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Monday, July 30, 2007
Potty training part 1

Today we began our potty training adventure - officially. Actually, I tried starting to potty train her the end of May, but it was right after we officially weaned. She was having trouble keeping her fluid intake at the right levels and ended up spending a day and part of an evening in Children's Hospital because she was dehydrated.

My poor baby had to have a catheter to get urine samples and she was so dehydrated they were not even able to get blood when they tried on her arms twice! So needless to say we postponed potty training and let her get back to normal.

Now she's gotten her fluid intake regulated and can tell me when she's wet/or poopy (She yells "MOM, I poo poo" - and poo poo is what she calls anything she does in her diaper)- so to me that mean the next step is potty training. I do not use pull ups when potty training except when we are going out in public, and diapers are only for night time....although past few nights she has stayed dry.

Today she wore her "big girl" pants all day and only had 3 accidents....still hasn't done anything in the potty, but she sure has done a lot of sitting. I am having her train Elmo while I train her and she really likes checking to make sure Elmo is "dry" and then putting him on the potty. I think Elmo has been on the potty today more than she has.

So basically what I'm doing is checking her every 15 minutes and I'll ask if she's dry - if she is, she gets a treat and I have her sit on the potty - at some point she will hopefully do something in the potty and receive a bigger treat and loads of applause. If she's wet, we do a change of pants (no treat) and we start the 15 minutes all over again. That's the plan - it's been a while since I've had to potty train so I'm trying to remember what I did the last 2 times (10-13 years ago!) and pick what worked best.

I'm open to suggestions and will let you know how tomorrow goes.


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