Knees to the earth

Beautiful Jesus, how may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are.

Knees to the earth
Beautiful Jesus How may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are. Beautiful Jesus You are my only worth. So let me embrace You always as I walk this earth. - Watermark
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  • Are you STILL nursing that baby - with all those teeth?

  • yes! LOL! Down to once a day - should be finished by May.
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  • Blogger Suzanne on 1/16/2006 7:23 AM
  • Blogger Crystal on 1/16/2006 8:31 AM
  • Blogger Valerie on 1/18/2006 4:43 PM
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    Sunday, January 15, 2006
    I've been tagged by my friend Suzanne - to post 5 random things about myself. goes.........

    1. I hate water in my face and absolutely can't stand it in my ears - which leads into my next random thing -

    2. I failed swimming at UT. The only "F" I've ever received.

    3. I have 20:20 vision in my right eye and 20:600 in my left – so without my glasses I have very little (if any) depth perception. So don't toss anything at me and expect me to catch it or come even close.

    4. I cannot make biscuits from scratch that couldn't double as masonry bricks no matter how hard I try or what recipe I follow.

    5. I can still recite the 44 most commonly used prepositions that I memorized in the 4th grade. This is amazing for me because I usually forget why I've gone into a room, 5 seconds after I get up to do something.

    Now as far as who to tag next - I first tag Sara from my online May/June mommies group (the only other "Blogger" blogger I know that Suzanne didn't tag .) I then tag my sisters (Melanie, Natalie, & Candice) and my other family members (inlaws, too!) and friends that read my blog and are "non bloggers". So they can either :
    • A. Start their own blogs :-)
    • B. Post their 5 random things as a comment to this post.
    I look forward to reading about the people that read my blog.
    posted by Crystal @ 4:55 PM  
    • At 1/16/2006 7:23 AM, Blogger Suzanne said…

      If you knew you hated water in your face and ears....why on earth did you take SWIMMING at UT?!? Can you say walking class??

    • At 1/16/2006 8:31 AM, Blogger Crystal said…

      Suzanne - I'm sad to say it was all peer pressure. :o) All my friends could swim very well and wanted me to learn. They convinced me I could learn to swim with my face out of the water - however, my instructor didn't agree. Once I realized the "err of my ways" I couldn't drop the class because there wasn't anything I could take (that didn't involve buying more books) to fill that time slot.

      Ironically - Both Ashlyn and Justin are avid swimmers and are on summer swim teams.

    • At 1/18/2006 4:43 PM, Blogger Valerie said…

      Oh, I remember having to memorize that long list of prepositions too... good for you for remembering all of them to this day! Wow. :)

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