Knees to the earth

Beautiful Jesus, how may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are.

Knees to the earth
Beautiful Jesus How may I bless Your heart? Knees to the earth I bow down to everything You are. Beautiful Jesus You are my only worth. So let me embrace You always as I walk this earth. - Watermark
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  • Why is my baby still rear facing?

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  • Are you STILL nursing that baby - with all those teeth?

  • yes! LOL! Down to once a day - should be finished by May.
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  • Blogger Glass Half Full on 6/27/2006 11:57 AM
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    Sunday, June 25, 2006
    Birthday party pictures
    We had a birthday party for 'K' at our house yesterday with family. The cake turned out beautiful, but no one wanted to eat it....I don't think I'll do the picture cake again. I thought she'd be shy and overwhelmed by all the people and attention, but she loved it. She clapped and danced for everybody and actually let people hold her. After cake and ice cream she started breaking out in hives on her face. I guess this means it's not just Ibuprofen that she's allergic to. Other than the hives and the fact she fell and hit her head on the wall, she had a great day.

    By request, I'm posting a lot of pictures so that family from out of town can get a peek.
    (Thank you for the card, Aunt Sharon!)


    June 24, 2005Doesn't she look peaceful after 32+ hours of labor?
    She weighed 8lbs 1oz., was 22 inches long.

    One year later - Here's the birthday girl today!

    The birthday cake! (that no one wanted to eat)

    Getting ready to blow out the candles

    The hat didn't last long - had to snap this quick!

    Yummy goldfish crackers!

    She got new shoes!

    and a "dog-dog"

    Wearing her new shoes and kissing her "dog dog" from G-daddy

    Posing with G-daddy and her "dog dog"
    (starting to get hives on her cheek)

    One more with the "dog-dog"
    posted by Crystal @ 9:43 AM  
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